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Welcome to Ameri-Treats!

When we say one ingredient – we mean it. Our unique, patent-pending treats are made from U.S. farm- raised chicken, fit for human consumption, but made for your beloved pets.

Actually, when you consider the process that goes into making Ameri-Treats, you could say it’s really two ingredients – white meat chicken breast and…love!

Conscientious Pet Owners Choose Ameri-Treats

Like you, we are conscientious pet owners and we love and cherish our pets. We think they should have the very best nutrition possible and when we discovered what was actually in some of those other pet products claiming to be “all natural,” we were heartsick. Ingredients like hard-to-pronounce fillers – all harmful to your pets. We knew there was definitely room for improvement and that’s why we created Ameri-Treats – for the love of pets, and the peace of mind of pet parents everywhere!

No preservatives or additives, ever!

At Ameri-Treats, our goal is to provide you with a truly complete and balanced natural dog treat diet that will help your pets thrive.

  • No artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors are used in any of our chicken treats.
  • No antibiotics or hormones are added, ever!
  • No bones, fat, skin, salts, oils, chemicals or fillers of any kind are used.

ONLY the best for your pets!

Your pets deserve only the best, and guess what – they know the difference and go crazy for their favorite tasty, crunchy treat! Ameri-Treats doesn’t size discriminate, either! Our easily breakable, easily digestible one-ingredient formula is perfect for small to large-sized dogs. And of course, anything a dog can do, a cat thinks it can do better, so cats love Ameri-Treats, too!

One Ingredient - We Mean It

  • 100% Chicken Breast – the ONE simple ingredient
  • Patent Pending
  • Low in fat
  • Highly nutritious
  • High in protein
  • Great for dogs and cats

Our Promise

Whether you’re a pet owner, groomer, dog trainer, or distributor of wholesome pet products – we invite you to try our product, risk-free. We offer a full refund on all of our products because we are confident that our all-natural, human-quality, one-ingredient treats are ‘paws down’ – the absolute best! Let your dogs and cats be the judge and place your order today.

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100% Natural! Made from Human Grade Chicken

100% Chicken Breast Treat Trainers
24 Trainers Pack
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100% Chicken Breast Treat Bar
12 Bar Pack
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100% Chicken Breast Treat Small
4 OZ Medium Size Bag
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100% Chicken Breast Treat Medium
14 OZ Large Size Bag
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100% Chicken Breast Treat Large
26 OZ Super Size Bag
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100% Chicken Breast Treat 5 Pack
5 Bag Special
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