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Q: When was Ameri Treats founded?

A: In 2005, we produced our first treat for dogs and cats and our processes have been improving since!

Q: What ingredients are used in Ameri Treats?

A: The only ingredient used in Ameri Treats is 100% chicken breast fit for human consumption. There are no added fillers, additives, flavorings, or preservatives. It is nothing but chicken!

Q: What do you mean by quality food?

A: Most dog and cat treats are made with added ingredients that do not nutritionally benefit your pet. These ingredients include filler grains, artificial flavorings, and animal byproducts. Our treats contain only chicken breast, meaning Ameri Treats offers nutritional value as well as a tasty snack for your pet.

Q: How many Ameri Treats should I feed my pet?

A: Common consensus among veterinarians states that no more than 10% of your pet’s caloric intake should come from treats. However, the nutritional value of Ameri Treats make us an exception! Ameri Treats are nutritious enough to be used as food. Feed your pet Ameri Treats as a special snack, a food topper, or an on-the-go meal.

Q: Where are Ameri Treats made?

A: All Ameri Treats chicken treats are sourced and produced in the USA.

Q: How big is one bag of treats?

A: We offer three sizes when purchasing treats in 7 ounces, 14 ounces, and 26 ounces. We also offer a sampler pack of all three sizes.

Q: What makes Ameri Treats different from similar brands?

A: Ameri Treats are made with a special, secret process that keeps our 100% chicken breast treat extra crunchy, which pets love. Our treats are made from human grade chicken, and are highly nutritious for dogs and cats. While other brand’s treats bend and become waxy in the mouth, Ameri Treats’ crunchiness also allows them to be broken into bite size pieces for smaller pets.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our products. If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, contact us at refunds & returns.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: We can arrange international shipping on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for more information.

Q: How much does shipping cost?

A: Our shipping cost is a flat rate pf $7.50. For orders over $50, we offer free shipping.

Q: What is the subscription plan?

A: We love our customers and their pets. That’s why we created our weekly, monthly or custom subscription plan, which automatically ships Ameri Treats to your home and saves 15% on each purchase. The subscription plan can be cancelled or modified at any time.