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Our Story

Ameri-Treats - For the conscientious pet lover!

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Ameri-Treats has been perfecting and offering its unique brand of one-ingredient, American-made pet treats since 2004. Back then, there weren't a lot of quality-made pet treats. Everything had fillers, harmful ingredients, or originated from unverified sources that lacked the quality control that conscientious pet owners expect in our pet food products. There was also a lot of pet product recalls. It disheartened us to think that beloved pets everywhere weren’t getting the quality nutrition they needed to thrive and lead a healthy, joyful life.

The journey began with one of our co-founders who was in the restaurant business. Cooking was his passion. When he went looking for healthy high-grade pet treats without harmful additives, he came up empty-handed. So he decided to put his passion for cooking to work for his pets and began sourcing the best human-grade chicken. After two years of perfecting his recipe, the result is what dogs and cats everywhere are wagging, barking, meowing, and pawing for - Ameri-Treats!

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We set out to make a difference

We set out to make a difference and the proof of our success is in the response of our biggest fans – the dogs and cats that love our golden brown tasty, crunchy, all-natural treats. Whether you are a pet parent, a groomer, dog trainer, kennel owner, veterinarian, or pet store owner, we’re here to help make a difference in the way pets eat! We invite you to try us out, risk-free! Let’s change the way America’s pets eat. Let’s have them eat the natural way!